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BRAND NEW! Wickstead's EAT ME Edible Meringue Transfer Sheets

Our Eat Me Edible Transfer sheets are a brand new and exciting way to add unique designs and patterns to your edible creations. They can be used with a variety of edible creations, including meringues, cookies, and lollipops. For meringues, pipe your mix onto our Eat Me Edible Transfer Sheet, and the designs will be transferred as your meringues bake.

Check them out HERE.

We are still in the process of experimenting with all edible (and drinkable) creations that our New Eat Me Edible Transfer Sheets can be used on. Be sure to check out our blog and follow us on social media too, where you will find the latest products, going ons, and recipes, as well as tips and tricks on how to use our New Eat Me Edible Transfer Sheets from Wickstead's.

You can find us here:
INSTAGRAM (our favourite social media)

As well as the designs already on our website (check out our pumpkins in the last picture, my favourite design at the moment), we have many more designs to come too. Lots are being added today (11th Oct 2018). Most of our current designs will be available on our new Wickstead's EAT ME Edible Meringue Transfer Sheets site along with many more brand new designs. 

If you do not see your favourite design from us yet available on Wickstead's EAT ME Edible Meringue Transfer Sheetsjust let us know and we shall add them ASAP. 

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME: We can also create custom designs for you on our new Eat Me Edible Transfer Sheets. We love to design new creations to bring your ideas to life. Please fill in our Custom Request Form HERE for a quote.

Eat Me Edible Maple Leaves Meringue Transfer Sheets

Eat Me Edible Meringue Transfer Sheets - Being Piped

Wickstead's Eat Me Edible Creepy Spider Meringue Transfer Sheets

Wickstead's Eat Me Calavera Skulls Meringue Transfer Sheets

Eat Me Edible Jack O' Lantern Meringue Transfer Sheets

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