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As promised, I'm back with an announcement of the Cake Masters Cookie Award winner, who was revealed last night at Cake International in Birmingham, England, but only a couple of hours ago on the Cake Masters Facebook page. So the news is hot off the press for most of us!

As a reminder, there were four very deserving Cookie Connection members - @Evelindecora@iSugarfy (aka swissophie), @SweetAmbs, and @Dolce Sentire - Aixa Zunino - up for the Cookie Award! (Congrats again, ladies!)

Cookie Award Finalists ADJ

My fellow judges and I had a tough time choosing from among all of the incredible talent . . .

Judges - Cake Masters Awards 2016

But, in the end, only one person could win the 2016 Cake Masters Cookie Award, and that person was . . .


Congratulations, @Evelindecora! Well deserved. Again, a huge round of applause to all finalists for their remarkable work. Find out the winners in the other categories by checking out the Cake Masters Facebook page here (just scroll forward or backward from the post in this link). And, to learn more about Evelin, check out our 2014 Cookier Close-up with her here.

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Thank very much Julia!!! I bet it has been a tough choice, all the finalists deserved to win for different reasons. I am absolutely honored and happy to have won this award, it means so much to me, thank you!

and yes, I can see clearly all the three photos you have uploaded! 

Evelin I had everything but everything crossed on my body that could be crossed to assure that one of Cookie Connection fabulous finalist could win and all that pain and suffering has paid off.  So Evelindecora congratulations on your well deserved win of the cake Masters cookie award okay okay maybe I really didn't help you. You won on your artistic talent so once again congratulations you must excuse me now I have to go and  take a muscle relaxant to get my legs back working again

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