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This year was my sixth year serving as judge in the Cake Masters Magazine Awards. As always, it's a terrific honor to be judging alongside the likes of these sugar artists  . . .

Cake Masters Judges

But it's also a terrific challenge . . . Since I won their first Cookie Award in 2013, the cookie competition has gotten stiffer and stiffer as cookiers' collective skills have risen to new and incredible heights. The same is true of all the other sugar arts categories! (I think I spent something like 12 hours trying to draw fine lines between the many fabulous entrants in each.) Anywho, I'll cut to the chase, which is: who are the finalists?! The full list including all categories can be found here.

But, since we're all cookiers here, I'd like to take a moment to specially recognize the cookie finalists, all of whom had masterful work in their portfolios . . .


For more information about these talented artists, please check out these links:

Eleanora PchmeyanArt Biscotti
Guan-Ying Lee (Rachel)小確幸Le Petit Bonheur
Liz Joy MurrayInspired to Taste
Thomas Blake HoganThomas Blake’s Cakes (also @ThomasBlakesCakes here on Cookie Connection)

Winners will be announced at Cake International in Birmingham, England in early November, so stay tuned for announcements around that time. In the meantime, please take a moment to congratulate these finalists if you should run across them here or elsewhere online! 


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  • Cake Masters Magazine Award Judges: Graphic Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine
  • Cake Masters Magazine Cookie Award Finalists: Graphic Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine
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