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Hi, everyone, 

I have revised Rule # 2 to clarify the definition of a liquid food item. This purpose of this rule is to add another layer to the challenge and to increase the number of techniques and media that you use, hence the broad definition of the term "liquid."

Rule #2 now reads:

2. Your cookie(s) must include both a solid and a liquid food item. Beverages (including smoothies and shakes), thicker liquids (e.g. honey, purées, sauces, gravies, etc.), and other pourable items (e.g. syrups, glazes, pourable icings, etc.) are acceptable forms of liquid food. For the purpose of this challenge, condiments (e.g., ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.) and other soft solids or gel-type foods (e.g., sour cream, custard, whipped cream, etc.) will also be considered liquid food items. 

Also, I have noticed that not everyone is identifying both the solid and the liquid food items in their entries. I want to remind you that including BOTH a solid AND a liquid food item is a requirement of the challenge. If your entry does not include both components, it won’t be considered for the Saturday Spotlight feature or the random prize. So please be sure to include and describe both your solid and your liquid food items.

If anyone has any questions about this rule, you can leave a comment here or in the comments section of Challenge #39.


Sweet Prodigy

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