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Hi, I sincerely hope that all of our Italian cookie friends (and their friends and families) were spared from the devastating earthquake in Umbria last night. Please let us know if you are okay and if there is anything your Cookie Connection friends can do to help! ❤️❤️❤️

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I live in Abruzzo, not far from where last night at 3,36 am a terrible earthquake took place, devastating towns and causing many  victims. My family and I distinctly felt it, as we all woke up pretty shaken in the middle of the night. Fortunately we are o.k..

Only seven years after the one in our beloved L'Aquila, we are once again witnesses of a tremendous earthquake. Today is a sad day. Let us all pray for the victims.

Thank you Julia for your support.



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Thank Julia for your kind thought.

Milan is far away so we didn't feel it. My relatives in Rome did, though the earthquake took place 150 km away.

My thoughts and prayer are for the victims and the people who lost everything.

Thank God Dolce Flo and Manu  you  and your families are okay Thanks for letting us all know that and thank you Julia for letting me know about the terrible earthquake in Italy

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I was also thinking of Evelin, even knowing the distance from the Earthquake. I spent time studying in Italy in art school and much of my heart is still in Italy. My thoughts are with those affected. 

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