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Hello Julia,  I am so grateful to have found you and your amazing site.  I am new and have one question.  The classes that are listed,  do we physically need to be in that "country" to attend the class in person?  Or can we attend online?  I don't know where on your site this information is found.  Thanks.    


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Thanks. Can you be more specific about what classes you are looking at? The online courses that are listed under "Resources" and "Online Classes" are, of course, online.

But if you are looking at other events on the site's calendar, they are mostly in-person classes, though not always. You'd have to read the individual class description to find out and/or contact the person who posted the class to ask him/her about online/in-person access. Events posted to the calendar are posted by many people, and the person who posted is responsible for answering any class inquiries, not me or Cookie Connection. People always provide their contact information with the class listing, so you can just click on any email provided there and ask that person directly.

I hope I've answered your question. Best of luck!

If you are asking about any of my classes that are posted, with the exception of the course under "Online Classes" (link coming soon), all of my other classes are in-person and you need to be in the country to attend. This is NOT always the case for me though (I did an online class last year), but it is right now.

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