Hey, all! I just wanted to extend a public congratulations to @Evelindecora for achieving 100,000 activity points on Cookie Connection this past weekend, elevating her to our highest "Cookie Queen" status on the site! You'll now see her sporting the following badge on her member profile and perhaps elsewhere online, and this is why!


As you may or may not know, activity points are basically a fun, non-competitive measure of your activity on the site, which, if you hadn't noticed, appear under your name on your member profile. They provide an indication of how often you post and interact with other members on this site - and hopefully an incentive to do more of these things. Cookie Connection is all about sharing, after all! To read more about how activity points are accumulated and our various activity levels (like "Gnosher", "Gobbler, "Cookie Queen", and so on), please check out this past post.

Again, thank you to Evelin for her ongoing contributions to our site; she has made this community so much richer and better over the years because of her generous sharing.


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pip posted:

a HUGE Congratulations Evelin!  Well done.  We were fortunate to "oo & ah" your work on the way up.  I'm looking forward to seeing lots more! :-)                



So sweet of you, I am full of happiness and gratitude in receiving this milestone! Thank you ❤️

Manu posted:

Congrats Evelin! So funny that we got in contact through Cookie Connection, despite we were living in the same city! Your cookies are beautiful and inspiring. Looking forward to your next posts!❤️

So true! Long life to Cookie Connection, I am so happy to have met you here! Looking forward for your next tutorials too ❤️

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