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OK everyone, since I won the Innovator of the Year Award from Cookie Connection, I wanted to share in my glory since it's all because of you all that I won! Lisa Lamb thought up this great contest when she saw my trophy vase (pronounced VAZZZZ) as it is quite elegant. (By the way, you are such a smartie, Lisa!)

Read the details and send in your cookies! We will post a pic of the vase full of the entry cookies on Feb 28 and you will have 2 days to place your best guess; the two closest guessers will share in the bounty! There is also a random drawing prize for the cookiers sending in cookies. I will also send those minis off to the winners along with each of them getting a rocking gift certificate. First place will get to choose between a gift certificate to Creative Cookier or Karen's Cookies, and the second closest will win the other! How do you like them apples, or should I say minis?! Whatever. Just send in your cookies! Check it out at


*********** NOW OPEN - GUESS THE NUMBER OF MINIS *********** 


Come play along!  Make your best guess by March 4th at for a chance at some great prizes!


How Many Minis?



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  • How Many Minis?: A fun contest for all!
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