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Hey, all,


First off, my apologies if this post is a tad self-serving, BUT I wanted to alert you to a new network of cookie-, cake-, and dessert-related channels on YouTube. It's called the Dessert Network and was originated by our very own Marlyn Birmingham of Montreal Confections. I am a member of this network, as are other members of Cookie Connection, including Marlyn, Hani at Haniela's, and Amber at SweetAmbs. The idea was to create one spot where people could easily find high quality dessert tutorials on YouTube.


Dessert Network


We hope you will enjoy our new network - and subscribe to get regular notifications of all new content. Here's the link.


We also have an ongoing DIY wedding projects collaboration that includes five members of this network, two cake projects, and three cookie tutorials! Please check it out here.


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  • Dessert Network Channel Banner: Designed by Montreal Confections
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Originally Posted by Patricia:

Looks great... anything for EASTER yet!!!

Not yet, though I imagine in the next few weeks, the Easter videos will start appearing!

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