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Helloooo, cookiers! Normally I ask for enough lead time that I can order a cookie cutter if needed, but agreed to do a last minute batch of grad cookies (ugh) for someone. She wants mortar board hats, medallions, and rolled up diplomas. I have the mortar board and medallion cutters, but not the diploma. It's only 2 dozen, so I could hand cut the diplomas if needed, but thought I'd see if anyone has a creative use of cookie cutters idea for me?

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You can cut a  cardboard with the figure you want to do and use it as a mold cutting around with a cutter.   I improvized somethimes with  cardboard and alu foil but that alu foil  that is harder, you can use that aluminium  disposable pans  too. We need strips long enough to cover the perimeter of your figure, and the width twice the thick of your cookies plus cardboard width. Fold the aluminium in two (pans) or more times (alu foil) until it is hard but malleable. You can use the aluminium cans too.  Cut the figure in cardboard,  in the middle do one or two holes to help the dought fall. Glue your aluminium strip around  the cardboard with the folded part to cut and the other side up glued to your cardboard figure.  This cutter is disposable and it will last depending on the Aluminium you used or  the amount of cookies to cut.      More profesional is if you find metal strips for cookie cutters and  in a wooden  plaque you paint your figure and putting some nails around  your figure in both sides : out and inner and molding your strip between the nails.

Originally Posted by Joanna (Cookie Mojo):

Thanks for all the ideas, all. In the end I just printed a template and then hand cut around them, but it was time consuming! I like the idea of making my own cutters...might try that in the future!

I make templates out of cardboard. I use cake rounds if I have them, and cut them so that the coated side sits on the dough. It makes it non stick and the cardboard doesn't get soggy after a few uses. I'd do this if I need 2 dozen or less, any more than that and I try to find a cutter.

You can purchase cookie cutter making kits, and/or refills of just the metal strip and glue. I bought just the refill kit, because I realized I could do the bending with simple tools and household items. It's nice to have around, because I can make a new cutter on a whim. I got my mine from for $7, which included 72" of the metal.
Oops, forgot to give you this link for some grad cookies as well. It's some wonderful cookies with just the tassle and year, made with a custom cutter. I believe you could do something similar with a long rectangle, like those meant for dunking in a glass of milk.

so cute! thanks for the tassel link and also for the idea on getting just refills for home made cutters...brilliant! I think I see a birthday present suggestion.   Also, great idea to make the templates from cake sheets...I will pick a few up just in case.


Here's what I ended up cutting by hand...I think they turned out's from a free clipart template. Also, the set is inspired by this set which the customer found online.

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  • Grad Cookies: with handcut diplomas from a clipart template.

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