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Sorry no pictures, but when I make dog biscuits a cutter from William-Sonoma.  It is a dog bone with a woof imprint.  While they don’t have the set anymore, I have seen the individual cutter at the store.  Good luck!

I made a dog biscuit cookie years ago: 


If I remember correctly, I piped a thick border around the edge of a tan-flooded cookie. I piped the words with stiff-consistency icing. Then, I textured it by applying bits of stiff icing and dabbing at them with a paintbrush until the texture was uniform.


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Icingsugarkeks posted:

Hi @Sugar Dough Creations, adog bone can be easily made with a repurposed cutter. 2 hearts and a narrow rectangle or stripe. What exactly do you mean for a "texture" on a dog bone?

simple sketch:



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