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The Edible Artists Global Awards (EAGA) nominees were announced last week, and they include five people in our local cookie community! 

Cookie Connection contributor Aixa Zunino (aka @Dolce Sentire - Aixa Zunino), Sandra Amaral (aka @My Sweet Art), and Marta Torres (aka @Marta Torres - Royal Icing Cookie Art) are among the nominees in the Royal Icing category; Ginny Levack (aka @Creative Cookier) is up for Most Innovative Product for her Stencil Genie; and I have been nominated for both Trendsetter and Artist of the Year/USA Awards.

Winners in most of these categories (all but Artist of the Year) will be determined by online popular vote, with voting taking place from October 15 through November 7, 2016.

While most of the EAGA nominees hark from the cake world, it would be great for our cookie community to take home a few "golds". Please mark your calendars for October 15, and get ready to cast your votes!

P.S. If I missed any cookiers on the nominee list, my sincerest apologies . . . however, please do let me know so I can add them to this post. Thanks!

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Anne Marie Adams posted:

I have it on my calendar but Julia can you help me I don't know where and how to place my vote so it will count please and thank you

I don't know where and how you have to place your vote yet either!  I'll be leaving another announcement here when voting opens on October 15, but I also imagine that if you check back to the EAG site on that day (link above), there will be instructions there.

Thanks - will keep everyone posted.

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