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My state and county allow farmers' market sales, and county also now allows home baked goods. However, you have to choose farmers' market selling or direct from home. Not both. The farmers' market allows up to $36,000 in sales, however we cannot sell from home; and at farmers' market under same entity. So I am considering selling at farmers' market.

Does anyone have any tips or feedback on how you do farmers' markets, since I cannot sell from home with custom orders? Would love advice!!

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Hi, great question, but there are already more than a few forum posts on this very topic. Here's one of the most relevant ones: http://cookieconnection.juliau...opic/farmers-markets

Please search our forums (use Advanced Search function in upper right of site) before asking questions to see if your question has already been asked and answered, as we do try to minimize duplicate threads here. I think the post above will address many issues related to working farmers' markets, and there are others too about packaging for farmers' markets and so on . . .

If after reading these posts, you don't find all the info you need, then, by all means, ask a more specific question in the forums.


Please send me a private email or message on this site, and show me how you're searching, because quite a lot came up when I searched just the "forums" and then "farmers' market". Here's the output of that search; there's more when I extend the search beyond the forums: http://cookieconnection.juliau...agination.sort=SCORE

And here's what I entered under "Advanced Search" to get those results:

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