I am from El Paso, Texas very dry weather. Recently I bought A kitchen aid mixer. I can't get the royal icing right. When flood the cookie  it dries so quickly on the top that I don't have a chance to pop bubbles or even shake the cookie to make the frosting smooth out. When it dries, it seems like the bottom layer shifted underneath and the top of the frosting has hills and valleys. I was doing a t shirt cookie and they all look like wrinkle shirts. I have used different consistencies and different color brands. oh the most interesting thing is that within one batch I might get a couple of cookies perfectly flooded! Does anyone know what I am talking? I am very frustrated?

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I  use more water and a hand mixer.  Inmediatly put Royal icing in airtight containers.   I use a clean wet cotton napkin to cover bags and containers.   Silicon caps for the tips, and bag ties.  I turn off fans or they are pointed in other direction. I use  a little more glycerin too.


I think I might figure out the problem with the frosting. I believe  the frosting was underbeaten. I beat the icing in two minute intervals took out a little to check and continue beating two more minutes. It took 9 minutes at medium speed(5 on kitchen aid to get a consistency that would not dry or wrinkled when drying 

I'm wondering if you are beating the icing at too high a speed. I have the best luck with my KitchenAid using the 3 tablespoons of MP to 1 pound of powdered sugar and 6 to 6-1/2 tablespoons of water (the basic Wilton recipe) and beating it on Speed #2 for about 8 minutes. Then, if necessary, use a "folding" technique with a rubber spatula--very gently--to release any air bubbles that might be trapped in the icing before loading it into a plastic-wrap bullet and inserting that into a piping bag. If a bubble gets trapped in the icing after flooding, that could cause disturbances in the surface after drying, and if you are beating it at Speed 5, you may be beating too much air into it.


Just a thought...something to try.

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