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Hi, all! I'm new to this forum and so happy to be here. I have an issue with Julia's gingerbread recipe, when I roll it out it is very difficult to remove it intact to transfer it to the baking sheet. If I roll it on parchment paper, of course I do not have that problem as I take away the excess cookie dough and am able to transfer the parchment paper with the cookies with no problem and they bake beautifully. Anyone know why the cutouts break apart if I try to transfer by hand?

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Almost any cookie dough will distort or break if you lift it, especially relatively soft doughs. Be sure the dough is well chilled before your start (it will be stiffer that way). Also, try dusting your work surface a bit more with flour, so the pieces release easily, and use a spatula underneath to support the cookie.  (I actually roll and cut my cookies - of all doughs - on silicone mats, so I never have to transfer them off the mat; the mat just goes directly on the baking sheet.)

BTW, I NEVER roll this dough, or any dough, on parchment paper. I find doing so difficult, as the parchment slides around too much. I just use a lightly floured surface (like a silicone mat, as noted above, or directly on my stainless countertop), floured just enough that the dough is always freely sliding around.

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