Hi, all, Topperoo - a company that sells edible image software - just published a blog post about how to solve troubles when printing with edible ink printers. Can't get the colors to print like they look on the screen? Missing colors in the printout? You name it, Topperoo has done some thorough troubleshooting for most every printing problem you could experience (short of the paper jamming, which is my ongoing nemesis ). 


Anyway, it's a super thoughtful post (Cookie Connection is even mentioned!), so check it out if you're in a printer jam.


Once again, here's the link: http://topperoo.com/blog/how-t...e-edible-ink-issues/

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Originally Posted by James @ Topperoo:

Hi Julia,


Thanks so much for the mention and your kind words.


We'd love to cover the issue you are having with paper jamming as part of a future post. Could you give a bit more detail and we'll look into it? If you're experiencing it, chances are someone else is too!

Basically, I have an Epson printer, and it doesn't always feed either wafer paper or frosting sheets consistently and, when it successfully feeds them into the printer, it then often jams. I'm not sure how much more specific I can be right now. I hope this helps, but let me know if you need something else. Thanks!

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