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I'm a newbie cookier and this was my first CookieCon. It was a lot of fun. The sponsors were very generous. I've learned so much and now I need to figure out which techniques to practice first. I did purchase some of Julia's stencils so that will be at the top of the list. I made two cookies for CookieTown. My first attempt at something like this.

house for CookieTownchurch for CookieTown


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  • House for Cookie Town
  • Church for CookieTown
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So glad you enjoyed CookieCon - and I hope you enjoy my stencils too! Thanks for the support!

P.S. Please feel free to post these photos into the Clips area too (it's the preferred place for sharing photos, because they will hit photo feeds and show up much bigger, if you load them at a bigger size). Just put them under the "CookieCon Coverage" and "Collaboration" clip sets, and any others that apply!

Cookie town was not a competition.  Mike and Karen Summers decided they wanted to see how big a cookie town could be built.  It's described on the website.  Search under CookieCon 2017.  If you see CookieCon LA, ignore it.

Cookie Town was a collaboration, meaning people (CookieCon-goers) were asked to contribute cookies in the shapes of buildings so that one large group cookie town could be assembled. There are pictures of the assembled town in the "CookieCon Coverage" clip set on this site. The Sugar Show at CookieCon was, however, a competition, with winners announced on the last evening of CookieCon. I'll be doing a special Saturday Spotlight today or tomorrow (Sunday) featuring all of those winners.

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