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Hi, all! Happy New Year!

Just a quick update to let you know that we surpassed the 10,000 member mark sometime in the last 24 hours or so! And while December is always our busiest month on Cookie Connection, month-to-month activity (views, audio and video pulls, etc.)  jumped 38% last month, which is the single biggest increase in month-to-month activity that the site has experienced in the last three years! 

That all said, 2017 is off to an auspicious start, thanks to all of your wonderful cookie and other contributions over the year.

To keep this site a healthy and vibrant place for all, I wanted you to know that I will be hosting a live chat in the next week or so aimed at planning and prioritizing site activities in 2017. It takes many, many hours of volunteer work to keep this site filled with content and running smoothly, so I also want to be sure that our contributors and I stay focused on the things that are most important to you. I strongly encourage all of you to attend this chat so that your feedback and input can be registered at this critical point in the site's planning process. More details about this chat will be posted in the next 24 hours, so stay tuned.

And, again, have a wonderful entry into 2017!

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Classic.Cookies by Parr posted:

Congratulations, Julia! and Wow! . . . Just think Evlindecora has almost doubled the membership with her Pink Bird House! 

That pink bird house is certainly a popular cookie , but the views on it are definitely not all from Cookie Connection members; there is an external site or IP address driving a lot of traffic particularly to that image and one of her others. That traffic is great for Evelin, but it has had very little to no impact on our actual membership.

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