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Hi, gals - 

I have a somewhat interesting situation and I'm not quite sure how to respond.  I found myself wondering if other cookie artists have ever been in the same situation and how they have responded . . . so here it goes!

Recently, I had an order inquiry for bachelorette party cookies. She texted me a photo of what she was interested in and the color scheme was very cute - black, white, pink, and gold - and the cookies were decorated well. The only problem is that there were several penis cookies (oh LORD!) painted with bright gold luster dust . . . and also a few plaque cookies that had various funny sayings on them involving penises. (I also wondered at this moment how she was able to just text photos of gold penises to someone she didn't know, LOL.) 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude . . . BUT from a business standpoint, I'm not comfortable making these types of cookies - or any types of cookies that could be "controversial". I have made bachelorette party cookies in the past, mainly lingerie, champagne, hearts/wedding stuff, etc. Just not penises.

I operate as a cottage food business and my main clientele are moms wanting birthday cookies for their little kids or brides wanting wedding/rehearsal cookies. I don't want to risk offending anyone, especially since I have been super lucky and have had some big national companies share my work on their social media lately.  

I'm going to get back to her this afternoon and will respectfully decline to make these exact cookies for her. For the heck of it, I thought about what IF I did make these penis cookies . . . I just wouldn't post the photos on my page and I would request her to not post any photos BUT . . . someone at the party (and I have a feeling this will be quite the party!) will most likely take photos of the cookies and post it and possibly try to tag me in the process. At the very least I'm sure they will ask her where she got them.  

While they say "no publicity is bad publicity", I currently have a very positive wholesome business image in my hometown and I don't want word to spread otherwise. Y'all know in this day and age with the internet, NOTHING stays hidden forever! As a compromise, I am going to offer to make some bachelorette cookies and suggest some other cute alternatives to her. Hopefully this will turn out alright!!

So has anyone ever had a similar situation and how have you handled it? Never imagined when I started this cookie journey that I would be asked to make some male genitalia cookies someday, hahahah! Thanks in advance for the advice!

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When I had my bakery, I was asked to make adult-themed cakes a lot, but I elected not to because it wasn't fitting with my high-end business image. I did, however, seriously toy with starting another business, under another name, that would only do adult-themed and gag sweets, as I think/thought there's a large market for them. Just never got around to it.

I am in complete agreement with all responses. I would respectfully decline and make the same offer to your client that you did. I think it's important to stand by the image you want to project. 

Just to add another point of view - I would do it. I mean, it's a bachelorette party, penis cookies / cakes / models are a very common thing for that kind of party. At least where I'm from. And it's just a penis. She didn't ask you for cookies of a child slave chained to a loom

All the mothers you are doing cookies for for their kids birthdays have probably seen one in real life as well, so I don't really see why they should be offended by it.

On the other hand, things might be different here in Germany. People are usually not offended by something as normal as sexuality. If you really fear that it could have a bad influence on your business, and feel uncomftable with it, it might be best to follow your instincts.  

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I'm totally with Laegwen I see nothing wrong with it. After all it is a bachelorette party and everything is done for fun. You are a business person not a judge. I hope my response does not offend you.

I have actually had requests like this and have obliged.  I think it's just preference and boils down to what you are comfortable with.  I still uphold a very professional business image as I've elected not to post pictures of cookies depicting certain parts of the anatomy and my customers haven't either.  For me, it's not a big deal.  However, if you are uncomfortable then definitely go with that!  

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