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Melissa - I'm assuming you have access to the back-end of your blog/site and can edit/add things on its home page, right? If so you just need to copy (CTRL-C) the html code that I gave you and place it (CTRL-P) in the area of your site (in the source html code) where you want it to appear. The code I gave you will automatically display the badge linked to the blog post in which you've been featured.


For instance on my site, to enter the "Proud Member" badge on the right of my home page in "The News" area, I simply logged into my content management system; then opened that content area of my site. Then I cut and pasted the code into the html/source view for that area, exactly where I wanted the badge to appear; then saved that change. Voila! See


Let me know if you need more help. 

I don't know what your site categories are, and every site is a little different, but the badge is basically a widget so I would try it there. Have you tried it there yet?


Again, just be sure to lay the code into the HTML mode and not the WYSIWYG editor, or the code will display literally as opposed to being interpreted as code.

For what it's worth, it was an image widget I needed to add to the blog, but getting the image was tricky. When I was in Sweetambs contest, she sent me a jpg of the badge and the link to put with it, both in an email. Is it possible for you to send jpg next time (should I be so lucky to be in a "next time"!). I think it might be easier? My husband did a reformat for me of the image you sent. Anyway, just thought I'd share! 


Thanks for the great site. I am slightly addicted.

I'll send you the jpeg now via Dialog. I noticed that the image looks a bit fuzzy on your site,  which perhaps is because of the reformatting. Maybe if you load the image and link as you did for SweetAmbs' contest, it will look crisper??


P.S. Thanks for the kind words about the site. It's been a lot of fun for me to develop and watch grow!


Tina, to my knowledge, you can't add html code to a Facebook post. The badge is html code that you insert into an html reader/editor, and then it displays the image already linked to the site.


But you can take the image (as a standalone image) and link it to the home page URL (for instance) or any other URL by making a custom tab that appears at the top of a Facebook business page. I use Pagemodo to make my custom tabs. The five tabs following my fan count tab (see image embedded and attached below) were made with Pagemodo and each has another whole page behind it.


You can also go about this process a little more simply (Pagemodo is pretty complicated to use and clunky) by following these steps:


I haven't tried the latter process yet or applied it to this site, but if you do, let me know how it goes. Attached is the Proud Member image so you can give it a try.


I'll also try later this week, as time permits, but no telling when that will happen! 


My Tabs


Proud Member


Images (2)
  • Proud Member Image
  • My Custom Tabs

Tina, Cool, I like how you integrated the badge into your cover image. 


Sorry, I thought I sent the "I Was Featured" badge to everyone who won last week. I had no idea you needed/wanted the image as well. Please feel free to email/dialog with me directly next time for specific/personal requests.


I'll send you the image as well via Dialog right now. I don't post it publicly for (I hope) obvious reasons.

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