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Hi cookies fellows! I am from Brasil and never saw anyone selling Kopykakes around here. I found about it´s existence in sweetsugarbelle's blog. Since that day I have been searching on the web trying to buy one. After these research I decided to wait and get one when travelling to USA. I decided it because I'm afraid it suffer damage in the shipping process.


Well, I think I will only be able to go to the CookieCon next year. So, I need help to know if it is possible to buy one in Salt Lake City and if not where is the closest place I could get one?

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I don't know of any Kopykake sellers in SLC, but you might contact the company and ask if they are sold in any retail shops there:


Another idea: if you have an iPad, you might consider using a projection app (like Camera Lucida) in lieu of a Kopykake. No shipping and less cost if you already have an iPad! More has been posted about alternatives to the Kopykake here: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ograph-design-master

A couple of things to consider...the box that my KK came in was large and I am pretty sure that the airline will make you check the box vs. carrying it on the airplane (and we all know how they treat luggage). I purchased my KK through Madison Art Shop ( I would consider purchasing one through which ever company you prefer, have it shipped to you in Brazil and request to have insurance added to the shipment in case if when you receive you KK it is in fact damaged.


Anyway, I hope it works out for you AND I hope you make it to CookieCon next year!

Hi, I see that you have ordered a Kopykake from the U.S. and had it delivered to Belgium. I am thinking of doing the same but to have it delivered to Dubai, U.A.E.
May I ask from which store you bought it, which delivery carrier they used and how much were the shipping costs and duties costs ?
Thank you.
Originally Posted by Het Bakhuysje:

I bought mine on ebay. It was sent from Califonië to Europe but it was in perfect condition.


I am hoping to get a KopyKake but for now am using the Camera Lucida app on my iPhone. It easy to use.  I have used it for letter placement and lightly tracing shape.  I have not piped directly as the space between phone and cookie is tight. 

I checked KopyKake today at Jerry Artorama. They are on sale. The STARTYEAR prmo has ended.  The 20 percent does not apply since the sale price is below the required amount.  Sale price is a good price without other promos. It meet the free shipping requirements. I think it's time for me to buy!

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