Hi Yvonnef!

Regarding your pic number 2:

I usually would make the black outline for all of the drawing in the cookie. Afterwards, make it dry for 30 mins or so in the dehydrator. Then I would fill the colour of one, skip the one that is right at it's side, continue filling the other one, skip the one next to it and so on. I would leave it dry in dehydrator, let's say 20 mins while i do another cookie. And then fill in the gaps (regarding spaces i skipped on purpose)

I don't know if i have been clear and helped you with your dought? If not, pls let me know!


the actual picture i based these of off, the icing was a lot smoother...the more i looked at it, the more i think the entire balloon was outlined and flooded with solid white - giving it that smooth look - and then they somehow painted the colors on...it just looked to perfect...however, i am just a beginner so could just be my lack of experience. 

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