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This topic came up in another online group tonight. I thought it was a good one, so I figured I'd toss out the same question here: how do you store or display your cutters? 


I have an 8-foot framed pegboard (photo below) which holds about 150 cutters. The rest of mine (too many to count) are currently scattered all over the place, but are on the verge of being bagged up by type and then put in big storage bins.





P.S. You'll notice that I cut everything off from bottom of pegboard on down; that's because my work area is a disaster right now. Though I've been slowly chipping away at it this week . . .


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  • My Pegboard: In My Basement Test Kitchen
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I also use the pegboard method. Though, I do have a large collection of randoms in a bucket that are not so organized. I try to organize the ones on my pegboard by theme or occasion and keep the ones I use most often in the front.


P.S. - I would love to see your disaster would make me feel less bad about mine. And maybe my parents wouldn't be so mad if they knew that I'm not the only one who creates a war zone when decorating!


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  • Pegboard Cutter Organizer

I have all of my cookie cutter organized in alphabetical order in those shoe-sized tupperware bins (I bought about 100 of them) and as my collection grows I just double the letter (A-1, A-2, A-3, etc.) and so far that has been working out MUCH better for me vs. having a box for baby stuff, Christmas, Halloween, etc. When I go looking for a cookie cutter, it's exactly where it should be in alphabetical order (except when I have a huge pile of them to put away).


I cannot post a pic, as they are all at my shop and I am home right now. :/


This is a topic that I am very interest in...keeping it all organized is a lot of work!

I sort mine by theme and then place them in gallon size ziploc bags, nested together in one level, using as many bags as is needed for the theme.  We used to live in Hawaii and in CT near the ocean, so I try to avoid corrosion as I had it wipe out a number of cutters before. Plus, it keeps them all together and easy to pull out. These then go into marked storage bins for ease in finding them.  As each bag is the same depth, they store easily.  I have large flat boxes for my copper cutters. Those are individually bagged inside as well.

I have clear storage bins labeled in alphabetical order.  And a smaller storage cabinet with drawers just for Christmas cutters, which I bring up to my pantry during the Holidays.  Clearly, I have too many cutters!!


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Whisked Away - I store all my cutters not on the wall the exact same way. I still have to rummage a bit more than I would like to find what I need but my space doesn't allow me to spread them out much more.

I sorted mine in ziplock bags by theme but since moving have been trying to switch to plastic drawers for a more organized look. I LOVE the alphabetical way - I keep getting stumped with if I want my dog cookie cutters with animals or with other dog stuff - what will I remember later? Well, problem solved! Thanks for the great ideas ladies!

Wow, Kim! You have a ton of cutters! I love your idea of storing them alphabetically. I don't have so many, and I tend to sort them by theme. Except for my ecrandal cutters...those are in their own separate bin.

I have the same plastic drawers as Kim--and I love them. The drawers are just deep enough to stack two layers of cutters. Any deeper and I would be digging forever to find what I want. I have 2 of the 3-drawer organizers, and 4 of the 5-drawer ones. And it's still not enough. :|

I have certain cutters that I use more often than others, and those are classified into groups and stored in scrapbook containers in my kitchen. The cutters I don't use often are in one huge bin, unsorted.

I put my cutters in document cases I found in a 100 yen shop (like 1 dollar shop). I learned this idea from a Japanese cookie blogger. These cases are good because you can see all the cutters at once. I have 6 of these and stand them like books in a deep drawer.



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My cutters are organized by themes in shoebox totes in the garage. Stacked nicely on a storage shelf unit. It's been a real time saver for me to just grab the box and have only a shoebox of them to sift through. I have had to double some themes like Christmas/Winter.

Right after I use them though, I don't always get them back in their proper shoebox right away so I store them on my kitchen counter in my glass cookie jar. It's just a cute way to see them. When the glass jar gets full, I return them to their box in the garage.

Beats having cookies on my tempt me!!

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