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Hi, all! I have an important heads-up that you should read. Starting tomorrow (January 6), I will be without my computer for four to five days due to unforeseen maintenance issues (new battery and keyboard needed). This means I cannot edit the site, write posts, or do any relatively heavy site oversight during this time. Some site tasks are just impossible or exceedingly time-consuming to do on my iPhone or iPad. The site will still be up and functioning normally; I will just not be able to access parts of it very easily to do the usual behind-the-scenes upkeep that I do on a daily basis.

So what does that mean for you?

1) Challenge #52 WILL still close at 5 pm central on January 7, though graphics on the site may not indicate it's closed until I get my computer back. Don't delay in getting your entries in by January 7.

2) You will not get a Saturday Spotlight this week, though I am hoping to write one tonight (Thursday) if my workday goes as planned. If not, the next Spotlight should be on January 14.

3) You may see some spam on the site (new spam-members or even posts). I typically clean out a few spam-members every day. I can do some of this cleanup from my phone but it is a lot harder.

Thanks for your patience as I get this needed servicing done.

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Good to know. Thanks for the information. I hope it won't be too much work for you!

Me too! I am going to have a ton of catchup to do when I finally get my computer back . . .

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