Hi, this idea just in from a member: a clip set just for minis. I'm wondering how many people would be interested in this addition? (Please answer in the poll, below.) Please recognize that as I add clip sets (we already have over 60), it can sometimes get tough to find the ones you want. But if the majority think this is an awesome idea, I'll act on it.

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Originally Posted by patty53:

Julia .. I can not understand what you mean by one clip sets only for mini ...??

I mean a separate clip set just for miniature cookies. Me refiero a un clip independiente establecido sólo para las galletas en miniatura.

Originally Posted by Belleissimo Cookies:

I was also wondering about a clip set for Monogrammed / Lettered / Worded Plaque cookies? Not totally necessary I realise, as they are usually part of set but just a thought I had when I added a monogrammed cookie awhile back

Forking this to a new topic with a new poll, as this is a new question. My personal inclination is not to add it since we have SOOOO many sets already and it is difficult enough to get people to use them.  

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