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Woo hoo - exciting news! My channel Recipes for a Sweet Life is premiering on Vessel today! It's one of just a hundred or so across the web that were hand-selected to be on this new video platform. And as a launch gift, Vessel is offering ONE YEAR FREE! #FirstonVessel


Just sign up through this link for your free early access pass:




MORE INFO: What's Vessel? It's a low-priced ($2.99 USD per month) subscription service that provides early access to the web’s best short-format videos from many of its most creative storytellers, through a simple and beautiful experience that brings videos alive. Vessel provides a cinematic environment for fans to watch some of their favorite creators’ shows first, at Vessel.


My videos will continue to be on YouTube and the free web like they always have been. Vessel just allows fans to support me by subscribing to get early access to those videos. This added support will ultimately allow me to invest in making better and more ambitious content, which will hopefully benefit everyone!

Thanks for considering!



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  • Vessel Channel Art: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher
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Originally Posted by Wildflower:
Congratulations and thanks! I just signed up, and the variety offered there is entertaining in itself. Hope to see more cookiers there soon.

Thank you! There is a lot of great variety - some of the other food folks are very good. Alec Baldwin also has a terrifically funny show where he gives relationship advice to couples he picks up on the streets of NYC.

Originally Posted by Cookieria by Margaret:

Congratulations! I just signed up!

Thanks for the support. I have yet to get my first "advance" video posted there (the sugar egg with wafer paper one is an old one), but hope to do so by Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Still also trying to get my channel all in order there . . .

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