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Hi, all! As I mentioned about a month ago, several cookie decorators and I are participating in an "Experts Q & A" forum on @LilaLoa's blog. Each month, Georganne asks us a different question about cookie decorating, and you get the chance to see how similar (or different) our answers might be. I'm learning a lot just by reading the others' responses, and I thought you would too, which is why I'll be sharing Georganne's post here each month.

This time, we were asked to give newbies our best piece of advice. (I gave two! ) A few common themes emerged, such as don't be too self-critical, don't get sucked into the negative vortex of making comparisons, price what you're worth, and avoid buying every tool available to mankind right off the bat. But, go ahead, and read for yourself! I think you'll enjoy the different points of view.


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