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Hi, I am not familiar with the way this site works. I have tried to get in on a live chat a couple times and have not been successful.

This site has so much going on that I am wondering how to find the live chat when they are happening. For some reason I guess I have also had trouble in noting the actual time as well. I, for some reason, noted that today's chat would be happening at 7pm, but, instead I think it was 10am? Is there a way for me to be able to quickly locate the chat section and also go right to accessing the chat when it's time for it to be taking place?

Also, are they recorded so I might listen to any that have been missed and where might I find them if they are available??


Patty Eyler 

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Hi, @Pattyspleasures! Sorry to hear about your chat difficulties, but I can help you sort it all out! It's pretty straightforward, really. 

I believe I already answered part of this question elsewhere on the site, but if not, you can access all current (active or scheduled) AND past chats under "Chats" in the main navigation line. Here's the direct link:

"Chats" appears at the top of the site if viewing on a laptop; or under the "hamburger" icon - three stacked lines - if viewing on a phone or other mobile device. Just click on "Chats" and then you'll see a page like this (on a standard laptop; it might look slightly different on your phone):

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 10.01.01 AM

If a chat is active or scheduled, it will show up here. Right now, we have no active live chats or scheduled ones so the area is blank, except for "Casual Cookie Chat in Real Time!", which is a chat room that's always open if people want to use it to chat real-time with others (about anything). If you see an active chat there (a blue link), then just click on it. If you are logged into the site, you will be able to join any chat that's active. I believe all chat times are listed in CDT (central daylight time, or CST, when clocks change), but the time zone for the chat will also be listed next to the link.

The chats are text-based, NOT audio-based, and, as I mentioned in my other note to you, we do save the WRITTEN transcripts of them. You can find them by scrolling down this same "Chats" page and looking in the right sidebar under "Past Chat Transcripts" (see screenshot below). Again, just click on any blue link there, and you'll be taken to the saved chat transcript. 

Hope this helps. I'll be announcing our October chats this weekend, so you should see two more chats listed under "Chats" very soon.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 10.01.13 AM


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  • Main "Chats" Area on Cookie Connection: Screenshot from Cookie Connection
  • "Past Chat Transcripts" Sidebar: Screenshot from Cookie Connection

Hi, @Pattyspleasures, (cc @Julia M. Usher) I would like to add that you can turn on the notifications for the live chats in your settings.

You need to:

  • Click the Hamburger icon mentioned by Julia (I am viewing from a mobile device)
  • Click on your name
  • Click Personal Setting in the list that will appear
  • Click  go here under Default Notification Preferences (in this panel you will also see the Time Zone Assigned To You, which affects at what time the chat starts*)


  • You are now in Notification Settings. Choose how would you like to receive your notifications (mail/on-site alert) and update. Then click Primary Notifications (next to Settings) 


  • Now check the boxes to configure the instant notifications you would like to receive. You will find New Live Chats and Upcoming Live Chats among the options


  • Click “Submit” and you are done.


If I remember well, when you’ll click on the live chat notification (it will appear in the Alerts) you will be redirected to the Live Chat. I just turned on the Live Chat notifications, as I missed the latest one with Thomas Blake although I was active on the site... but I lost track of the time watching cookies and reading comments!!!🤦‍♀️ 

*Also, the time of the live chats will be listed based on your time zone. The site will automatically detect your time zone whenever you log in and will ask you to update it every time it changes, so you don’t have to calculate the time difference from 10 a.m. CT (when the chats are usually scheduled.)  As you can see in the pic below, my time zone is +12 from CT (you can compare with Julia screenshot) and all the chats are listed at 22:00 (my local time.)






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