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If you're just looking for plain white ones, you might try Kopykake. I buy them in packs of 25 sheets or so, and they are less expensive that way. I think the Wilton packs only contain one sheet.

yes one sheet     limited colors if purchased at craft stores     most designs are gaudy   to me          wilton's are very thin     easy to tear         i've wondered if they are old and sitting on store shelves  


i was on some site  and forgot to add to my cart     i don't think it was kk      oh well     another product to purchase    shesshhhhh   head spinning       or not       not sure if i'm good enough to keep buying...       smirk

I had problems to peel another brand (can remember) and the seller told me to put  it in a bag to avoid humidity, and put it in the freezer for a few minutes, not to much to avoid hard freeze. Then it was easier to peel.   Total agree with the wilton, I like them but the prices are very expensive.

Originally Posted by Janet Ferguson:

Thanks, Julia- do you find they peel easily? The Wilton ones are on clear plastic, whereas the Artisan ones are on like a waxed paper...with these old eyes, I NEED the clear plastic, lol!

Yes, the Kopykake ones peel very easily, just as easily as Wilton. But as Mily pointed out above, if the sheets get exposed to humidity, they can be harder to peel from the backing sheets. For this reason, it's important to always keep them sealed in the plastic containers/bags in which they come. And as Mily also said, the quick-freezing tip will help if they've already gotten too sticky. But you have to remove them right away after the freezing.

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