Wilton Meringue Powder - Recipe and Ratio Don't Match


The royal icing recipe I have uses 1 egg white with 200g powder sugar.

I  use  egg white powder to substitute the raw egg white, the instruction on the packaging is 1tsp of egg white powder + 7tsp of water equal to 1 egg white.

I am confused because recently I am using Wilton meringue powder, on the back of the packaging, it stated 2tsp of meringue powder + 2tbsp of water = 1 egg white,

But there is a little recipe come with it said royal icing recipe need 3tbsp meringue powder + 6 tbsp water with 500g powder sugar

Why is that? for me there will be a lot of egg white



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HI, I'm not sure I'm understanding your question. Meringue powder has other stuff besides egg white powder in it, so it's not surprising to me that more of it (by volume, vs. egg white powder) is required to equate to one egg white. But I'm not sure why their recipe would require an even higher ratio. Typically for 500g of sugar I would add about 2 1/2 whites, so if they called for 3 whites (or 6 tsp powder to 6 tbsp water per the first formula), that would make some sense to me. But they are calling for 9 tsp powder to 6 Tbsp water - I can't explain why the ratio would be different in the recipe . . .

All I can surmise is that the royal icing won't set if you use the lower ratio they say works for "baking", because they are calling for a much higher concentration of meringue powder (and therefore egg white powder) in the royal icing recipe. Since the meringue powder has other stuff in it, in unknown quantities, it's not as easy to translate to egg white equivalents as is pure albumen. I'd either call them for more info, or use the recipe for royal icing as they wrote it, and then at the lower concentration, and see how the results differ in practice.

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