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I'm going to be opening my home-based bakery under (North Carolina Cottage Food Law/ North Carolina Agriculture Department) in the fall of 2014. Since I'm going to be a one woman show, and do plan on shipping anywhere in the U.S., but I don't plan on allowing pick service at my home, but I will deliver in my local area. My question is, Should I require a minimum dollar amount for delivery?  Example: For Local delivery your order must be $35.00 before delivery charges are applied.


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Yeah, I would. Otherwise, you might quickly find yourself in the delivery business. I'm not sure what the right minimum order size is though - that's really more related to your own economics and overhead.

I think you should. Always keep in mind, that your mileage costs money too! Keep track of it as well, as a 4 mile trip with your vehicle means a $2,26 cost according to IRS and it really adds up when you do your taxes.


A would also consider to give a minimum order for your cookies in general. You probably don't want to make 1 cookie on a stick in 6 colors... And if you don't make it clear, people will ask for it!

My minimum order is one dozen ($54.00) and I deliver free in town (San Francisco) if I have time, or ask clients to meet me to pick up at my local Starbuck's (!!!) if I'm too busy for delivery.  As I'm getting busier and have less and less time for deliveries, I have been asking more clients to meet me there, and they have been happy to do so - no problem at all.  I charge $15.00 to deliver to Marin (across the GG Bridge about 20 minutes) which works well on 2 fronts: the high-end clientele there love the home delivery (it's a very easy sell), and I get a mini-vacation enjoying the drive and having coffee in a sunny outdoor cafe with a friend before heading back to work.  When it comes to downtown San Francisco (I do many company logos) if they won't send a messenger I charge $20 because of traffic/parking issues.


You really have to consider your time or as Julia said, you'll quickly become a delivery service.

Thank you all for your suggestions, and comments, right now I do have a order minimum policy that I plan on implementing 1 dozen for all cookies and 2 dozen for mini cookies.etc.. I know that some companies that prepare food services in order to get delivery you must order a certain dollar amount, because at the end of the day deliver is a service but like Julia said I'm not trying to be in the delivery business. I just want to do what's fair for me and the customer.

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