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Heads-up to all you compassionate cookie bakers! Jill Wettstein recently announced that she's already gearing up for the 4th Annual Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale! You can read more about the foundation's cause, which rallies hundreds of bakers each year (!), in the image below or on Jill's Facebook page.


Like the recent ALS challenge, it's a great way to use your talents to give back!

Please note: The deadline for contributing cookies for this sale is Friday, October 2, 2015.




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  • Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale Poster: Poster Courtesy of Jill Wettstein
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For anyone going to CookieCon in SLC, Monica and Anita have set it up so that we can participate even if we can't fit in a dozen or two before the deadline.  We just need to bring a couple of decorated, individually-packaged cookies with us along with a small contribution to the shipping costs and they will ship them all off for us.  These ladies are awesome!

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