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Hi, I'm redirecting a very good inquiry here, to its own topic, so Sugar Pixie Sweets can get an answer fast. Can anyone help her out? See below.


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  • Sugar Pixie Sweets' Question: About Custom-Printing Frosting Sheets
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Before I purchased an edible ink printer, etc. I used to go to the bakery at my local grocery store and they would print the stuff for me at $8 a sheet (8.5 x 11").

I am sure you might be able to do a search on Google for companies that you can upload an image and have them print it for you...

Why can't you use the waffer paper that you mentioned that company uses on Etsy? Waffer paper is an edible image paper...I've used both rice paper, waffer paper and I think both are equally good to use.


Anyway, best of luck!

something to keep in mind when pricing out frosting sheets vs wafer paper - the place I have bought my paper from, frosting sheets are $28 for 24 sheets. Wafer paper is $17 for 100 sheets. HUGE price difference. (that does not include shipping - and that is BLANK sheets, not printed)


I've only bought them once - and didn't do a lot of price comparison, just thought I'd mention it.  

As to my preference for frosting sheets, I've based my decision on the comments posted on the "Wafer Paper vs Frosting Sheets" topic discussion, in which almost everyone preferred icing sheets to wafer paper for ease-of-use and image quality for photo reproduction.  In this case, my client will cover the cost, so the fact that wafer paper is light-years less expensive isn't necessarily a consideration. Kimbo's cookies, I'll be in touch. Thank you!

I found I had run out of frosting sheets the size I needed so I just headed to the bakery at the local grocery store.  They printed out an image for a sheet cake for $5.  However, not sure if they would have the ability, patience to do 200 smaller images or even have the frosting sheets to do so. 

I know I'm a little late to the party,since I haven't been checking CC in a while, but I thought I would throw this out anyway. I can't be bothered with the time it takes to size, color correct and print my own images so I use a professional service called Mabel's Kitchen, It's a full time image printing business located in Plymouth,Ma. They have the highest quality control standards and use the best quality materials. Turn around is very quick. You only need to send a file of your image and they will return your images via UPS. Prices are very reasonable and offer a large selection of  image sizes. However, they only work with professional/commercial bakers.
I just posted a sample of their work to clips, of some watercolors. The quality of the files I received from my client were not the greatest, but they still did a fabulous job. Hope this helps in the future.

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