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IMG_0298IMG_0002IMG_0996IMG_0002IMG_0000Julia, thank you so much for all of the time you've put into developing your techniques & instructions to make it easier for someone like me to get the courage to try something new!

Does anyone have an Ultimate Cookies cookbook they'd like to sell? I've downloaded the app & the video series on Amazon & really love them. I'll be making some dough today to get my practice in. I'm a beginner/intermediate & have decided I'm going to go for it & get my cottage industry license to make cookies & cakes out of my home here in Georgia.

Judy Marszalek


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Hi, @JudyMarszalek, So sorry for the delayed response, but I have been in a three-day video shoot and not checking messages. My books are both out of print, so they will be tough to find online except at exorbitant prices. However, both books also come in ebook format for a few dollars. You can find links to the ebooks on Amazon. Some of the book content (about 1/3) is already in the app you have, however.

P.S. Great looking cookies! Though if you want your cookie photos to post into the main photo feeds on this site, they need to be posted into the Clips section of the site, not into the Forums which is where you posted them just now. In fact, unless photos directly support a forum post, they should always go in the Clips section.

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JudyMarszalek posted:

Hi Julia:

Thanks for the info. How exciting; I can't wait to see the new video series!

I'm enjoying the app a lot. I didn't really want my cookies on the main section....they are so far below what everyone else does, but baking makes perfect & I'll keep trying. I've been more of a cake girl myself trying to get into a cookie cutter world.

Oh Judy,  pat yourself on the back and don't compare your work with anyone else.  We're our own worst critics.  It's all about the process. Enjoy yourself!         Pip

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