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If you hadn't heard already, the fabulous graphic design talent aka Elizabeth Watt (Pretty Sweet Designs) unveiled a new blog for bakers yesterday called Bake It Up A Notch! (Now why hadn't I thought of that name?! So clever!).


From first read, it looks to be a very promising resource for bakers, especially those intent on taking their businesses to the next level - and knowing Elizabeths' talent and drive, it will be! In her words, the blog's aim is: "To make your business into what YOU want it to be. I want to give you the tools to help you love your work, just like when you started making decorated cookies!"


Of course, the blog has the cutest logo designed by Elizabeth. I wouldn't have expected anything less!




Please hop on over and check it out.


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Originally Posted by donaharrisburg:
Originally Posted by Elizabeth:

Thank you SO much Julia! I truly appreciate it 

Do I have to get access to your site through Go Daddy?

Her site is no longer operational, which is why the link directs you to Go Daddy. She shut it down within a year of startup; this is an old post.

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