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Hi, everyone! I've got some very important Cookie Connection news for you this month, so please read on.


First, our latest Watch-Learn-Create Challenge just launched, and, after having watched the kickoff video myself, I can vouch for its fabulosity! Its topic is dimensional mixed media, and it features the ultra-talented Carmen Urbano, known worldwide for her clever combining of many elements and textures on her cookies. To learn more about the challenge, its few rules and wonderful prizes, please read challenge host Manu Pezzopane's kickoff post.


Along with the new challenge comes a new affiliate system that allows our challenge guests and esteemed host Manu to now be compensated for their world-class work through purchases of challenge kickoff videos. And, yes, if you're reading between the lines, this change also means that challenge videos are no longer free. But no worries! Pricing while a challenge is open is a steal ($5 USD). And, once the affiliate system has been tested with Challenge #55, I hope to roll it out to active challenge participants so that they too can profit from challenge video sales. Again, please visit Manu's Challenge #55 kickoff post to learn more about the rationale for this important change. In a nutshell, that rationale amounts to me wanting to fairly compensate these folks for the extraordinary amount of work that goes into making each video.


One way you'll see the rollout of this new affiliate system is in my new guest video tutorial series. Now, all past challenge videos will be closed to free public viewing and will be available for sale on my business site where I have the capability to handle financial transactions (not possible on Cookie Connection). When you purchase these videos through my guest artists’ affiliate links (below), they earn referral fees, which means you will be directly supporting their small businesses. In addition, you will be allowing me to continue to bring these extraordinary learning experiences to you.

I recognize that this transition may be difficult for some of you, so to grease the skids, I'm also offering 25% off any guest series video (and all other tutorials on my site) through November 30 with code JOY25. (Exception: This code does not apply to the current challenge video, which is already heavily discounted throughout the duration of the challenge.)

The past challenges now on my site include:

I thank you in advance for continuing to support Cookie Connection challenges and our wonderful guests and host in this new way!


Last, I want you all to be the first to know of a super sale that will open in a week, on Thanksgiving night at 6 pm ET to be exact. It will offer the greatest savings that you're going to see on my and my partner's Christmas and Hanukkah stencils until 2024! With code FLASH50, you'll get 50% off any stencil in my partner's holiday collection. But, again, you can't avail yourself of this offer until November 23, so you'll have to sit on your hands for a while!

I know there's a lot here and it might be difficult to digest it all in one shot. So, please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me ( for clarification.

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