I know, I know . . . first I said this app was coming in the spring; then the summer; and now this fall. But, this time, I REALLY promise you, I'm not just stringing you along! I'm in the last round of editing, which means that my app should be hitting app stores by end of October or early November.


If I've learned one thing through this process: an app is nothing like writing a book. Much of the content is interlinked, which means people can access content from any "direction." Every link, therefore, needs to be checked and double-checked to ensure smooth navigating. The other big challenge: I couldn't edit directly in the app, like I can in a Word doc - or at least my app developer wouldn't let me, for fear I'd mess up the code! So editing evolved into a long game of "telephone," where I relayed changes to one person, who relayed them to another who actually made the code changes in the app! At the end of the day, the app is better for having so many eyes on it, but . . . suffice it to say, I'm glad to finally be seeing some light!


OK, enough about my process; please take a sneak peek at screen shots below, or click here to learn more about it . . .









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