New Decorator Looking for "Crackle Painted Surface" Tutorial

I am new to cookie decorating and have seen several beautiful cookies with the crackle paint look on the surface. I haven't been able to find a tutorial out there anywhere and am anxious to try. Any suggestions as to where I can look to find one? Am so excited to have found Cookie Connection!

Lolly Hester

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Hi! Welcome! Super glad to have you here. Turns out, you're in the right spot for a cracked paint tutorial. Dolce Sentire, one of Cookie Connection's regular contributors, just posted a tutorial here on the topic: http://cookieconnection.juliau...alentine-cookie-boat (She shows how to apply the crackle effect to the boat hull, and provides several great general tips about the technique as well.) Have fun!

Sheryl Wieschhaus posted:

My cookies didn't crackle. Any advice? I did 1 part cornstarch, 2 parts white food gel. Thank you!


Best to post this comment under the actual tutorial in the link I provided above. That way, Aixa (Dolce Sentire) will get notified of your comment and be more likely to answer. She may not see your comment here, as she is not copied into this post.

Cookies From Home posted:

Thanks Julia for the tutorial.Even sometime i also face the same problem.This will really helps me a lot while baking cookies.


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Thanks go to Dolce Sentire, as she wrote the tutorial. I just edited and posted it! 

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