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Hi, all! In case you didn't catch this recent (December 4) piece in the The New York Times, it's worth a read. It features several notable cookiers (many members of this site) and talks about the evolution and dynamics of the "modern-day" cookie business here in the US, focusing a lot on friendships and connections forged online!

Link here:

More power to cookiers, and congrats to all who were interviewed or mentioned, including @Arty McGoo@SweetSugarBelle@Sugar Dayne@LilaLoa@Chua Cookie, and Karen Summers of CookieCon!
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Chua Cookie posted:

Thank you Julia! I luv this cookie community so much! I'm still in disbelief I'm in the article lol! Xoxo

Your work is amazing Arlene! I'm not surprised at all! 👏👏👏

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