I am setting up for the first time at our Farmers Market. I want to keep it simple. I wanted advice on how I should package them. They will be a tad bigger than a coffee cup circle. I was thinking of getting rose colored bags and put 2 in each. I will have to put a label on each. I will charge $5 for a bag of 2 cookies. I don't think people will by multiple orders but you never know.



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I'm not selling my cookies, but I'd still advise you not to use tinted/patterned bags. Why take so much effort to design a unique cookie and then hide it with a bag? Take clear ones, they not only will protect your cookie just as good as colored ones, they will also allow the best view of your work and are cheaper. If you want to have a nice extra, rather use a colored ribbon to tie the bag.


And based on my experience it is a very bad idea to have more than one cookie per bag. Unless you fix them to a piece of cardboard, they move around, however slightly, bump against each other and will at least fill your bags with ugly crumbs, if not outright damaged cookies. Better make it 2,50$ for one cookie in one bag.

I hope you have a great first market!


I agree with all that Laegwen said. And though off-topic, if these are decorated cookies and not simple undecorated drop or bar cookies, I would charge more than $2.50. Sounds too low to me, knowing all the effort that goes into rolling, cutting, mixing icings, piping, packaging, etc. My time to produce one reasonably decorated cookie is rarely under 10-15 minutes (from start to finish), so at $2.50, I'd be paying myself less than $10 an hour once I accounted for ingredients and other overhead costs.


Thank you. The Maryland Cottage law states that it has to be  non hazardous ingredient. So I am making Brown sugar cookies, Chocolate Chip and Lemon Sugar cookie and Rolled Sugar cookies with sugar toppings. I am hoping that if i start out small, I can save up to a store front.  I will readjust my prices. Thanks again.


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