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Hi all! I’m playing around with PYO cookies for the first time and was wondering if anyone had some tips to share. I made some the other day that I let my kids test out for me. They looked great and the kids had fun with them, but the painted colors were pretty light on my 5 year old’s masterpiece. And my 2 year old just completely dissolved the stenciled image and ended up with a gray cookie 😂. I know it’s kind of the “nature of the beast” for water to dissolve the stenciled image when it’s done in royal icing...but thought I’d see if anyone had any tips and tricks that have made a sturdier outline to color and/or have made colors that paint brighter when kids use them?

For background...I used a stencil with black royal icing for the outlines image. And for the “paint palette” I used airbrush colors painted onto a cookie stick that had been flooded in white the day before...

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Unfortunately, if you don't stay in the bounds and use too much liquid, you are doing to dissolve either airbrushed black outlines or black royal icing. That's just the way it goes. Not sure if you painted by applying water or alcohol, but alcohol would dry faster and be less prone to dissolving black areas. Also, since it largely evaporates, I don't think the kids would be affected by it.

I’ve never tried it (so this could be a terrible suggestion), but maybe if you made the outline wet-on-wet instead of raised it would be less likely to bleed. Especially if you used a lighter gray icing instead of a dark black. 

I've seen some PYO's with white icing used for an outline instead of black. I also saw someone recommend using black fondant thinned down to the same consistency as your icing. They said it does not bleed like royal icing does. As far as the colours go, some people recommend using skittles or m&m's. I will be trying these methods soon and will let you know how they work.

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