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On the last cookie (bear with balloons) I did in this set, the bear’s nose was too fragile and soft even after its drying time.  It was dry to the touch but not stable and smooshed when I heat-sealed it in a cello bag.  I’m wondering if it’s because I used day old icing and just freshened/thickened it up with powdered sugar. Thoughts?  Thanks so much in advance.



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Was the icing still wet inside or did it break/crack into powder? I don't think drying time is much affected by the age of the icing; it's more likely your drying conditions changed as you went through the process. Though that is a small detail, so I would have expected it to dry pretty quickly regardless (by virtue of its size).

Small details that stick up above the rest of the icing are easily rubbed off and broken no matter what - at least that's my experience.

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