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Hi, all, I thought you'd like to take a look at this cookie collaboration recently organized by Lorena Biscuits. Many of our Spanish members (and many others from other countries) participated, and it's a super clever idea.

Basically, people were assigned parts or pages of the Puss in Boots tale to tell in cookie form; then the cookies were assembled into a large flip-book style video. 

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure:

Click on the YouTube icon in the lower right of the video player to view it in YouTube and to subscribe to Lorena's channel!

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Thank you for sharing our work. It is so exciting to see that people like the cookie cat in boots story! I want to thank also to Lorena for this brilliant idea, and then to all of us for making such a great job :*

muchas gracias Julia!!!!!! un honor ver el gran trabajo que realizó Lorena Biscuits, a lo largo de varios meses, organizando a mas de 70 galleteras de España y otros países, ha sido una labor de meses organizando a todas y ella montó el video, contó de manera soberbia el cuento y nos hizo muy felices a muchas al darnos la oportunidad de conocernos y participar. Felicidades Querida Lorena!!!

Here's a rough translation of Yuri's comment, for those interested:


Thank you very much, Julia!!!!!! . . . it's is an honor to see the great work realized by Lorena Biscuits, over several months, that organized over 70 cookiers in Spain and other countries. It has been a labor of months with her organizing and producing all the video - a superbly told tale. It made many very happy to have the opportunity to meet and participate. Congratulations, Dear Lorena !!!

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Muchísimas Gracias Julia !!!!! Es un inmenso honor haber sido parte del proyecto de Lorena Biscuits  y haber trabajado a la par con mas de 70 gallete@s Españoles y demás países desde aquí agradecerte a ti y a Lorena la gran labor y amor por las galletas,

Originally Posted by Au Claire de la Lune:

Querida Julia, usted es tan amable y me alegro. It is a great honor that you make mention of my idea. Thank you so much an thank to all participants. Excuse my English, it's a google translate

Such a great idea! Had to share! 

Originally Posted by Beat&Bake:

Don't know if i'm doing anything wrong, but I only get a green screen - & I tried a few of her postings of it.

Don't know - the video above works fine for me, both as embedded on this site and in YouTube. Have you tried another browser or Internet connection?

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