Question: If you do NOT use preservatives in your sugar cookies, what do you tell people is their shelf-life?

I recently started selling my cookies at a cakery; all are individually heat-sealed in cello. I do not use preservatives; I've always told people that my cookies are best eaten within three weeks of purchase.

I have had friends admit that they waited three months to eat them; they claimed the cookies still tasted great, their only complaint is that the cookies were rock-hard at that point!

Some of my customers actually like a really crunchy cookie, and have admitted that they purposely don't eat my cookies until several weeks have passed!

Thanks for any input.




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I think you need to test your own recipe for shelf life. Every recipe has different staling properties, and your tolerance/interpretation of freshness could be very different than mine. Just bag a few cookies and hold them and taste them over time to establish the best standards for you that you can live by.

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