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I have been making cookies for a few years now.  About two months ago I made some red, blue and yellow soccer jersey cookies and they never dried.  I have never used a fan or a dehydrator.  Since it was a one time incident I thought maybe I had forgotten to put the meringue powder while making the RI.  Now last week I decorated my Go Bo cookies and it happened again.  I baked more cookies, got a new meringue powder (thinking something was wrong with that one) and guess what? it happened again. Even though I was very frustrated I made 2 batches of RI last night and decorated more cookies....this morning they were all wet and kind of sticky.  would getting a dehydrator fix that problem.  Is anyone else having RI problems??? 

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Are you sure you aren't overmixing it?  That can cause what you are describing.  Did it ever dry?  I overmixed my icing once and it never truly 'set up' but remained tacky even after sitting for 12 hours.

I had in my first cookies the same problema, in that time I dry them on a gas heater ( that for rooms when it's cold).   They melted.   They were red and light Brown.  It was the weather to humid, I don't decorate cookies when it's raining. It could be to much wather in your royalicing.   Because I had never the same problem.

There's another forum topic on this subject already; you might want to check it out: http://cookieconnection.juliau...yal-icing-not-drying


(It's generally best to search the forums to see if your topic has already been covered before opening up a new thread on the same thing . . . this just helps to keep the answers to similar topics all in one place. Thanks!)

I tested out a variety of different changes to royal icing for making ri transfers, one particular batch never dried, was sticky like damp taffy. Is far as I was able to determine, it was because a tiny smidge of vegetable shortening was on either the spatula or bowl. I was not aware of grease getting into it, but it was the only explination I came up with.

I used the same icing for a piping ri transfers in a lighter and a darker version, and one of a thinner consistency. Next I paused and did something else that involved very lightly greasing a pan with shortening (crisco). I then thickened the icing with a little extra sugar to thicken it, mixed well, and piped. It appeared the same while wet, but did not dry overnight like the others did, never did dry over a few days. I never did it again intentionally to see if that was indeed the result, but never had it happen again.

I always see posts stating that even a little residue of oil, grease, butter, or shortening on utencils or bowls will ruin royal icing. I have not, however, come across anything stating what the oily substance actually does to it. If anyone knows, please let me know!

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