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Help. Anyone have issues with one flavor of icing drying faster than another? I outlined and flooded a batch of cookies with Vanilla RI and by morning it was dry just as I expected. The cookies that I outlined and flooded with my Almond RI was still mushy. I quickly made a new batch of Almond RI thinking I mixed something incorrectly the first time. I outlined and flooded with the new Almond RI and they are still taking a long time to dry. Each set has had a fan on them since they were first completed. I use an Almond Emulsion and the Vanilla is a a clear flavoring both by Magic Line.

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I have this same problem. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the ingredients in each individual extract. I've never used almond emulsion but I use pure almond extract and it dries nicer than any other flavor I've tried. I like to use raspberry extract because it tastes absolutely amazing but it won't dry without a dehydrator and even then it's a crap shoot sometimes. I was thinking about posting a similar question earlier but I got distracted by searching for airbrush stuff . It seems like extracts that have propylene glycol have drying issues. That's what I've noticed at least. Whatever that ingredient is it seems to possibly cause the royal icing to separate faster and not dry properly. Anybody else have any ideas? I'd love to hear some theories on this.

Thanks for the reply. I'm actually finding that the opposite is working for me. The clear Vanilla that I use contains Propylene Glycol and it dries perfect. In fact I flooded a cookie with vanilla just a few hours ago and it has already hardened. The Almond emulsion does not contain the propylene glycol and that is what is not drying : (  I know now that I will never use this Almond Emulsion for RI again. Also I have a dehydrator but I am scared to use it..I feel like it wil liquify the RI and run right off my cookie. Anyone with ideas on how to quickly dry? Again, I've had them under a fan for hours and hour. I've got to bag them in a few days. I really hope they dry in time.

Well I ended up scrapping my then second batch of Almond cookies. I couldn't take a chance in them not drying another day. It's a good thing I did. I checked one and poked at the icing and it was still so moist and wet there was no way it would have dried. I had much better luck with my 3rd try. This time I used Lorann's Almond Emulsion and it dried perfectly. There are several differences in the ingredients from this and the Magic Line but the one I focused on was the Propylene G..since Michelle you mentioned it. The Lorann's contains it while the Magic Line does not. From now on I will use the Magic Line for the cookie only, not for RI and I will only use the Lorann's brand in my RI. Looks like I will have my order complete and ready. Whew, I can breathe again!

Thank you Julia.. I have heard that about royal icing and oils and I have always stayed away from it but I guess because the word OIL is not listed specifically in the ingredients as others I assumed it was okay to use. I think I will do a little web research on the ingredients list on the Magic Line to see if any are truly an oil base and or contain glucose/sugars as you mentioned.

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