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Hi, all! I'm having problems and I hope someone can help!!  

I've been making the same sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe for YEARS! now all of a sudden, the icing is failing on me. It happened a few weeks ago for the first time. I doubled the recipe because I had 100 cookies to ice and by accident I used a whip. (I assumed it was the whip that was the problem) The icing almost doubled in size in the bowl and it didn't dry for 6 days!! It tasted almost like a marshmallow. And when it did dry, it would chip off the cookies like it didn't want to be there. It was awful.

The next two times I make the icing it was fine. Single batches and beater and 7 minutes. And perfect like usual. 

Now tonight I go to make royal icing for cookies for this weekend and the same thing happened!! I doubled the recipe again but I used a beater. It blew up!! So I trash it thinking it must have been because I doubled the recipe. So I started all over... single recipe, beater, 7 minutes . . . AND IT HAPPENED AGAIN!! I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

Please help!! I have a 2-year-old who needs cookies on Sunday!!

Thank you so much in advance.

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Yes they were was a weather change. I live in FL and the first fail was in NJ. But I also had a success in NJ after the fail and a success in FL after the fail. I use meringue powder made by Wilton.

Humidity can cause problems with your mproyal icing.  I don’t care for Wilton meringue powder.  I recently changed to genies dream meringue powder, which I buy from creative cookier.  I use her recipe and it always works well.  Also, I always clean my bowl, beater and utensils every time with vinegar.  Any amount of fat can ruin icing.  The vinegar takes care of that problem.  Hope it helps.

I had icing last week that wouldn't dry and also looked very puffy in the bowl. Everything was the same as usual (I don't use the US products as we don't have easy access to those here in SA). What I think happened in my case is that I had added to much gel colour. I was struggling to get the right colour and added more and more. I threw them out before they were completey dry, so don't know if the icing would have flaked off. 

I took some of this over-coloured icing and added the same amount of fresh, uncoloured RI to it and combined it. Because the first had so much colour in it, the combined RI still had the right colour and it worked like usual.

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