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Hi everyone! I am a brand new cookier here I’m So. Cal. And I am going to be attending my very first pop-up event in September. I have no idea what I should offer in terms of purchasable sets. I was thinking back to school (maybe a last-minute gift for teachers), fall and maybe Halloween ones. I am not sure what to offer. Any advice, tips or tricks!!

Thank you!! 


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Hi, Kristin - Welcome again! I hope you enjoy the site. I've only done a few farmers' markets back in the day when I sold cookies and cookie books. But seasonally themed stuff, like what you suggested, always does well. Though I defer to the advice of others who do more of this stuff now than I do. I'm looking forward to hearing more from some of them! Best of luck!

Hi Kristin, 

grats on your first event! That's so exciting. I don't know about your crowd out there in SoCal, but mine out here in Maryland definitely don't like to think too far ahead - meaning, for me, Halloween cookies would not sell in September.

At my stall I always have: 1 or 2 gift boxes (generic- no personalization on them) a few generally themed cookies (for September, back to school is a sure thing. I also will have some beach cookies on hand, I find people get wistful about summer coming to an end, and I get more requests for beach cookies in Aug/Sept than in June. Go figure!) and some 'specialty' holiday cookies, if any events come up on the calendar. I find that weird little holidays like 'National Cheese Day' always moves a few cookies; people mostly don't know about these funny little holidays, it makes them laugh, and a delicious cookie seals the deal. I hope this helps - good luck!

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