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Hi ladies,


I'm about to do a little investment for my simple hobby: the airbrush!!! I'm kind of obsessing over it in this period... so since my birthday is coming, I'm making myself a present!


A did a lot of reading and studying about it and the main difference in model is between single-action and double-action; I think it means that in the first you just pull the trigger in order to spray color and in the second you have to push to spray and pull to choose the amount the color that comes out. 

Please correct me if I'm wrong... 


My question is this: is your airbrush single- or double-action? Which one you think is best? (EDITOR'S NOTE: PLEASE ANSWER THE POLL BELOW AND ELABORATE IN THE COMMENTS.) Please note, that my cookies are just for personal pleasure and I want something not noisy....


I found the Dinkydoodle airbrush (which I think is a single action) at the same price of an Italian brand one (Martellato) which is a double action... So I'm a bit confused... 


Is there someone who can enlighten me??? Thanks for your help.





The Italian Baker

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Hi, Jenny, Not sure if you saw the existing forum post about airbrushes and those brands that people prefer. It does not answer your single-action vs. double-action question clearly, but it does address what brands people are using and their experience with them. Link here: http://cookieconnection.juliau...-the-best-one-to-get


I'm leaving your question here, but hope people will focus on the single-action vs, double-action question, since the brand question is addressed elsewhere.


Just trying to keep the forum topics clean and clear.  Thanks for the great question!

I also added a poll to this post, so that we can collect answers more systematically. I encourage everyone to answer the poll questions and to elaborate in the comments. Thanks!

Hi Julia, I read that topic but since it was another question not directly related to the brand I thought it would be better to open another topic... Sorry if it seems redundant! Feel free to add it to the other topic and cancel this!

No, it doesn't feel redundant - that's why I left it. I just wanted to be sure you had seen the other, as it may partially address some of your questions.

Originally Posted by Jenny's Cookies:
The fact is that in Italy I wasn't able to find those brands and I actually don't know if they are single or double action!
Thanks again! Have a good day!

Right - I agree; it's a different question, which is why I have kept it posted here with a few clarifications. Though one thing to know is that most of our members are from the US, so they may not know the brands you mention either (I don't) but we'll find out . . . 

The Cookie Countess posted this link to a YouTube video the other day:

It's Part 1 of a series of many helpful videos. Check it out. Of course I saw it a day after I ordered the larger compressor--I'm totally rethinking my decision now. 

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