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Hi, all! As I mentioned a few days ago on Facebook, I am up for a few video awards in the TASTE AWARDS program. In two of the categories, the winner is determined by popular vote. If you like what I do, please consider voting for me for Best Food Program (Online) and Best Instructional Video Series (Categories 3 and 13 in the link). Thanks so much in advance!

Online voting is open until December 20:

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Anne Marie Adams posted:

Thank you Julia it was so very easy to vote by just touching the link that you gave us here I won't tell you who I voted for but Wink! Wink ! ��

Aww, thanks! Really appreciate it!

Not only I learned a lot by watching your videos about one year ago, but that made me start my adventure in this cookie world, led me to sign in Cookie Connection and find so many cookie friends. Your new cookie projects and your videos kept inspiring me the whole year. Looking back at this 2016 I can't imagine it without cookies.

Voted yesterday, Julia, thank you and best of luck!

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